Anapana meditation is a mental exercise to make the mind healthy and strong.

S.N. Goenka


One-day and two-day courses in meditation for children aged 8-12 and one-day courses for teenagers aged 13-16 years are held at Dhamma Ujjala and in Adelaide on a regular basis. See the Course schedule for upcoming courses.

This is an opportunity for your child or teenager to learn Anapana meditation, which involves focusing on their natural breath. Learning Anapana will enhance their life and give them a real sense of peace and harmony for the years ahead.

Attending a course, together with their daily practice after their course of ten minutes twice a day at home, has been found to bring many benefits, including:

  • improved concentration and memory
  • increased awareness and alertness of mind
  • a feeling of peace and calm
  • greater self confidence
  • goodwill towards others.

 If you are involved in a school or organisation and would like to organise a children’s course for a minimum of eight participants, please email [email protected]